Making the Invisible Visible

Do you believe Jesus is telling the truth?  Paul wrote in Romans chapter 1 “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead”.  If Jesus is telling us the truth, then God reveals His nature in the things that are made.  If we study what is made, we learn about who God is; His invisible attributes are revealed.  His omniscience, omnipresence, sovereignty, immanence, immensity, and omnipotence are CLEARLY seen when we study math, physics, and chemistry, the laws of which God uses to uphold all things.  The invisible will be made visible.  Don’t be scared of or bored by science because, after all, when you learn how things work, it’s like being handed a backstage pass to creation itself!

Math is the language of God and if you study math, you will have God’s thoughts after Him.  As God spoke the laws of the universe into existence, He codified their limits in mathematics like a composer hearing the symphony in his mind then writes down the notes for the orchestra to play.  The symbols on the sheet music mean something to the musicians, and as they read the notes, they know what the composer was thinking.  Perhaps you’ve never considered that equations describing physical laws were not invented, they were discovered.  Maxwell, Einstein, and Faraday simply observed what was happening and wrote down equations that told the story in the language of mathematics.  Mathematicians are more explorers than inventors.

God established many parallels between the spiritual and physical realms so that His attributes would be revealed in nature.  It only becomes clearer as we advance technologically – upon the development of quantum mechanics in the early twentieth century, Einstein discovered light has two natures, wave and particle, and this property is called the duality of light.  Jesus has a dual nature; He is the God-man.  He is both God and man, always and simultaneously.  This parallel should not surprise us because 1 John 1:5 tells us that God is light.  So many scientists refuse to admit the existence of God, let alone the person of Jesus Christ, that they suppress the obvious truth of a creator when they discuss origins.  They deny God’s sustaining work in the functioning and operation of the world around us.  The fact that all nuclear and chemical bonds are the same everywhere throughout the universe is dismissed as a triviality – it isn’t.  If the Big Bang explains our creation – who initiated this rapidly expanding space-time?  No matter how close astrophysicists look, they can never get within a Planck time of the Big Bang’s beginning (the Planck time is a fraction of a second represented by a number with 44 zeros to the right of the decimal point!).  Might this hint at God’s incomprehensibility?  No matter how much we investigate, we never really know everything and what may be known is limited.  A physicist named Heisenberg discovered that we cannot know the position and speed of sub-atomic particles simultaneously – you can know one or the other precisely, but not both.  God is clearly mirroring His incomprehensibility in creation.  You can never fully know God and we can never fully know everything about what God created.

Since the garden, scientists have been fulfilling the mandate given to Adam because God tasked man with exploring and naming his creation.  It should be no surprise that we find clues about God’s nature embedded within the physical constructs of God’s creation.  The problem is that most scientists and professors who teach science deny God’s existence and suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18).  God upholds all things by the word of His power (Heb. 1:3), yet this very fact convinces unbelievers that there can be no God because order and rationality predict everything.  Science explains everything in their minds.  Science itself becomes a religion, but I find it ironic that the zealots of the scientism faith who claim ‘I believe in science’ cannot even define what a woman is today.  Many times, I’ve stridently held onto a position in a debate only to shrink in defeat upon learning one key fact that unraveled my entire belief.  To the adherents of scientism, might I suggest that the order and predictability you find so appealing in the physical universe was set in motion and is continually maintained by a sovereign God?  The law of conservation of energy states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed.  Yet here we are with matter and energy everywhere.  Something supernatural gave rise to matter itself, let alone life on earth.  Please repent of your intransigence on this matter (pun intended).  The existence of a creator is so obvious that the issue of unbelief is not one of faith but of integrity and honesty.  You are lying to yourself about how we got here.  1 John 1:8 tells us “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.”  Please stop deceiving yourself and be honest about the evidence for a creator.  Please take the backstage pass to creation that Jesus is eagerly handing out.  Pick up a math book, a physics book, or a chemistry book and read about chemical bonds or the strong force holding the nucleus together.  Ponder the size of the universe and the structure of the infinitesimal atom.  Admit to yourself that God must be something great.  Greater than you.  He is altogether different than us and He is powerful.  If you already know Jesus, please enjoy Him even more by learning yet more science to discover His attributes on display.  Snubbing science is like skipping a parade down Main Street in which Jesus is the Grand Marshall.  Please don’t miss out!

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  • Sofia says:

    Great blog! I loved the acknowledgment that the study of science today is a continuation of God’s mandate to study his creation. I never looked at it that way.